Key Small Business Tax Deductions in USA

Startup ExpensesCosts associated with starting up your business, such as registration, staffing, inventory purchases, and office setup, are considered capital expenses and can be amortized over several years.These are initial expenses incurred when launching a business, including legal fees for incorporation, hiring employees, purchasing inventory, and setting up office space. These costs are treated as capital investments and can be deducted over time rather than in a single year.
Business and Office SuppliesItems used exclusively for your business, such as office furniture and stationery, are deductible. However, items expected to last more than a year should be listed under depreciation.This category includes tangible assets necessary for business operations, like desks, chairs, pens, and paper. While some supplies are deductible immediately, others are considered long-term assets and must be depreciated over their useful lives.
Software, Electronics, and Online AppsNecessary business software and apps, including accounting software and online subscriptions used for business, are deductible.Expenses related to purchasing or subscribing to software programs, electronic devices, and online applications essential for business operations can be deducted in the year they are incurred.
Domain Registration and Web HostingCosts related to your business website, including domain registration and hosting fees, are tax-deductible.This covers expenses associated with establishing and maintaining a business website, such as registering a domain name and paying for hosting services, which are considered necessary for business operations and are therefore deductible.
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